Do you want fries with that? I mean tiles with that?


When we were little, houses were easy. All you needed to do was draw an open box then, instead of another parallel line at the top, you would draw an apex. If you were zealous, two small boxes and one vertical rectangle would be easily scribbled inside the walls of your two dimensional home. Maybe that’s where the Australian Dream starts? Finger painting as a four year old…

Or maybe it’s an inherent human trait to strive for what we grew up with and what our parents have. Whatever it is, Gen-X-ers and Gen-Y-ers are now at the ripe age to be picked off one by one by the unethical predators out there; stalking and hunting within the swampy marshes of the residential construction industry. Wait what?

Building a house is by far the most complex and costly project an average joe or joette from Gen-X and Gen-Y will undertake. When it’s going good, it’s good, but when it goes bad it can really screw you over and over and over.

But Construction Chick, a house is so easy to build… you just pick your design, pick your finishes, maybe add a few things, wait 12 to 18 months and then boom it’s all done ready for you to move in.

HAHAHAHA… oh man… can’t stop laughing… *cough* HAHAHA *splutter* That my friend, is the first trap.

This isn’t finger painting anymore. Constructing a home requires a thousand tiny simple things to be completed. But like a thousand piece puzzle, if you don’t clip the right ends into the right pieces the end result is an entire f-up.

Que Builders. *Macho Walk In Music*

With their experience and knowledge they know, with their eyes closed, every single piece of the puzzle and where they fit to ensure a successful outcome. Over time though, in order to maximise profit (that’s right… it’s all about the $$$$), Builders have systemised the whole process leading to convenient ‘packages’ that you can pick and choose from like a Maccas menu. But unlike a burger that’s costing you $3.50c, this purchase is going to be well over $150,000.00 and stick with you until you manage to pay your debt out or declare bankruptcy.

Understandably, most people affording a home are working full-time (40 hours a week +) and the convenience a Builder provides helps maintain their day-to-day living routine whilst building a home. So let me put this delicately… Since you’re investing over $150,000.00 into building a house (on top of the cost you’ve had to fork out for the land) which will ultimately make or break the next decade of your life, don’t you think it would be appropriate to get off your ass at the beginning of the project, whilst choosing finishes and paint colours, and invest your time going through the contract and designs to make sure there’s no missing puzzle piece.

Say like… Having no power point in the fridge space… or contractually your defects liability period (if you’re living in WA) being 30 days instead of the regulation of 120 days. Leaving it up to someone who knows more than you do AND who is only in it for money is a deadly equation.

In the blog posts to come I’ll be giving you a hands up when it comes to building your home. Because sometimes you need someone in your corner that does know what a builder knows. That knows what puzzle pieces usually go missing in order to cut costs. That knows the dos and don’ts of Building and Contract Law. That knows how to get your builder to fix a defect within a fifteen day period.

So follow and stay tuned!

Xox Construction Chick


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